Are we in SIMS?

Generally I don’t ask myself such questions because life is already too complicated, but sometimes such extraordinary and unbelievable incidences happen that one is bound to think that – Something is terribly out of place and abnormal. By the time this post will end, some of you might find it really absurd but I have been living with this fact from the past 10 years and I have to get it out of my system.

Don’t worry guys, its not so dramatic but sometime I just can’t believe that something of this sort is actually happening. Those of you who don’t know what SIMS is – Its a game which was first released in 2000 and has sold 6.3 million copies worldwide making it the Best selling PC games in history. The reason why I have mentioned SIMS is that the game provides the gamer an opportunity to control the life of virtual people called “SIMS”. The gamer control their daily activities like sleeping, reading, eating to the important activities like paying bills, choosing a career and conceiving a child. Bottom line – The player is allowed to be GOD. The game always made me think – Are we also a part of such a game right now? Is someone deciding right now about the clothes I will wear tomorrow? Is SIMS a sort of mockery on us, A way to show us that we are such fools who can’t understand something which is so obviously in front of us?

 When I watched Matrix, I had the same feeling. It was as if someone was making fun of us. Someone was trying to tell us that that’s the way things are and even if we tell you blatantly, you won’t be able to realise that. I must be going mad. Well, that is what I used to think.

Although SIMS and Matrix came much later, it was in 1998 when something strange started happening in my life. Once travelling in a bus, I saw a man wearing a blue T shirt. The colour was somewhere near to the colour of “Mashed Musings” written in the Header. It was striped with alternate White and Blue stripes. There was nothing special in that shirt except that I saw 15 men that day wearing the same T shirt at different points of time. Sometimes a beggar was wearing it, sometimes a passerby and sometimes a guy driving a bike. The next day, my Grandfather died. I was not able to relate the two incidences but soon this became a regular phenomenon. Whenever something bad was supposed to happen to me or to the people around me, the same shirt was always hovering in front of my eyes. It was as if someone was always trying to warn me. “Something bad is going to happen. Take care” – That was the message. The number of times I saw the shirt defined the intensity of the mishap. One occurrence meant something very trivial, which I could handle. Five occurrences meant something which would be painful and could make me really sad like a fight and a break-off with a friend(which actually happened). Once I saw the shirt 7 times in a day and my sister’s salary was stolen from her purse the next day in a bus.

At first I thought that its good that I know beforehand that something bad is about to happen and I would always be prepared but as time passed, I started getting irritated. The whole idea of living in a sort of fear that I might see the shirt again started getting on my nerves. I wanted things to be normal and I was desperate. It was not as if I was able to prevent anything. I was just getting a warning. I experimented and realised that if I tell anyone about it, the occurances dropped away. I told a few of my friends about it and the shirt left me alone for a few days, before reappearing again after some months. It has been 10 years and I still see it at times. I have seen it twice today.

I know, no sane person is going to believe what I am writing. Yes its a sort of Omen, but can anyone explain this? I have tried to find this shirt in stores, but have never been successful in finding this pattern. I know this is not something normal and that is why this whole idea of – “Are we in SIMS” came to my mind. Is someone actually playing with us and having loads of fun? I took it as a joke earlier but now its such a normal phenomenon in my life that I feel anxious when I don’t see it for a few days and I am relieved at the same time that life is smooth. Atleast for the time being…

p.s. I was able to click this shirt once when I was roaming on a beach in Chennai. Here is the Pic.

35 comments on “Are we in SIMS?

  1. So ur delving into the paranormal and the speculative

    i dont think per se we live in a Sims world where we are totally controlled but yes, many a person feels that there are greater controlling forces, maybe for u the signal is more direct – indicated by the shirt, which again could be pure coincidence and u relating the t shirt to previous incidents/experiences or a dose of paranormal.and one more thing the shirt pattern is not very common

    Some people have a sixth sense or an attachment with the paranormal – and can sense death of a loved one among other things – i do and it still amazes me.

  2. We all want to know the future, but as your experience shows, forewarning can be a terrible thing. Imagine if we all actually knew when we were going to die. We would be continually counting the days, hours, minutes; we would never really live life normally any more..

    But your blue T shirt experience is really intriguing..

  3. I fully believe you man. There are somany incidents in my life where I got hurted immediately I do some thing bad what ever may be the range of it. Thats why I even stopped lying in my life. Many people may not believe me but my lying percentage is very very less. Unless I am sure that the person is going to hurt badly with my words, I wont lie. If I do something bad without knowing also, this happens to me. Once some thing bad happens to me, I will think about the things I did n near past and I can find the reason also. I had countless examples in my life about this. So I believe fully that I am part of a big game. I dont know about SIMS till now but ur post remebered me Jim Carry’s movie “The Trueman Show” 🙂 As you know how to counter it, dont forget to mention about it when ever you see this shirt next time onwards. What ever people may feel, escaping from this type of situations is the most imp thing 🙂

  4. Hmm. What a clairvoyance! Well, chill out dude! May be all this is a mere coincidence!! 🙂
    But yes, I do agree, most of us have such instincts! I do believe that there is a force that drives u all,besides the bus drivers that take us to work everyday 😀

    Well, you said you saw the shirt twice today, right? This definitely is leading you to something bad 😉 But in the form of my blog! 😀 or may be its not that bad? 🙂 Yes, finally I managed to update my blog. Puhleeeez visit my blog

    Excuse me if this is not the right way to invite someone to a blog 🙂 I am still getting used to wordpress. c u there 🙂

  5. may be u are [psychic like the girl in thats so raven :O
    but i have no explaination for what u just said …
    do u see the same shirt everytime or what ???

  6. Amit, I had this strange phase in my life too. For me it was a certain things that I did which were a bad omen or whatever. I had to fight these things, I mean the urge not to do certain things because they would lead to something else. All I can say is that I think we all look for meaning in life, some sort of order and at some level we do want to be controlled because that would make sense of everything…but the truth is that everything is random. That shirt is a fairly common one in any case. Also it’s risky to think that it’s a bad omen because your mind could make soemthing happen because you saw that.
    It’s best to fight it. Let’s say buy your brother or father a shirt like that and try to see it everyday! 🙂 I believe in fighting these thigns.

  7. Hey, I totally believe you that this is possible. It has happened with me to. There is this famous song, and I fear to even write it down “aawara bhaware” picturised on Kajol in some movie I don’t recall. Whenever I used to listen to this song, something terrible used to happen in the near future. Initially, I put it to coincidence and tried to test it by deliberately listening to that song 6-7 times. The very next day, my dad’s bag got stolen while he was travelling home from office in train. From that day on, I decided to never listen to that song. But it was so famous then, that it was played on tv, sung by my friends, cousins, in short it used to fall on my ears somehow. I used to be so scared. Even sometimes now, that tune forms in my head and I immediately sing some random song (in my head ofcourse) to wipe out that song and its tune.

    But yes, it’s very stupid if you tell someone and I completely understand when you say you live in constant fear. It is like you do not want to see that shirt but are half expecting to see it all the time. It’s like if a few days pass by normally (and happily) you start thinking, how is this possible?

    I wonder why we get these signs when bad things are going to happen. Somehow, we never get an omen when something good is about to happen. We always tend to label it as a fluke or just luck.

  8. Hey, till the end of post I kept expecting that you will give us a sign to know you are fooling us. If it is true, I don’t know what to say. But I would say count yourself blessed if you see the omen. Count your blessing even when you don’t see it, because as you say it means things are nice and normal.

    Maddie’ comment above reminds me how my cousin believed during a previous world Cup that when Rani Mukherjee’s Hero cycles ad was aired, an Indian wicket dropped or they dropped an catch. 🙂

  9. oops….!! thats scary, intriguing and a lil shocking. I thought by the end it would turn out to be a work of fiction …but unfortunately its there around you.
    n that shirt pattern doesn’t seem to be common anyways….n by the way if you took its pic..did u ever tried watching the pic n seeing if that leads to any bad or good things??
    I just hope that as you have told this to all of us now…….the bad incidents would stop forever.

  10. It is interesting really. Maybe some angel is watching over you and warning you? [Stormcrow.. bringer of bad news. Actually Stormcrow only alerts you to it. 🙂 ]

    But one thing is certain, I ain’t no part of teeny weeny SIMS! 😛

  11. @Prax : I don’t know if I could call it a coincidence. Generally, coincidences don’t last for 10 years. 🙂 All I know is that this is not something normal. I too believe that we do have some control on our life. I would hate to believe that I am being controlled by an Alien kid who is sitting on his console and playing a very advanced version of SIMS. 😉
    @Lekhni : Yes, its terrible and that’s why I wrote this post. I am sick and tired of it and want it to end forever. 😦 Earlier I thought of buying a similar shirt and wearing it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.
    @Vijaya Bharat : Thanks for believing. 😛 And “The Truman Show” would be worse than this. I wrote this post in the hope that the shirt goes away forever. 🙂
    @Manoj : So, finally, the blog is out of the bag. I will surely visit it. 😀 And its not a coincidence. Coincidences don’t last for 10 years.
    p.s. I think this is the right way to invite. 😛
    @Arvind : Raven?? Hahaha. Ya maybe. Yes, I see the same pattern but I don’t its the same shirt. The design is the same as you can see in the photograph.
    @Nita : I tried to fight it. I thought of buying the shirt and wear it but I was not able to find it anywhere and I was not surprised. This post is another way of fighting it. Hope this works. I just wan’t it to go away. 😦

  12. I also forgot to mention that things you wrote, and despite the striped shirt you described, I was imagining devil’s coat from The Ghost Rider. That was another strange thing I have seen or heard in recent times.

  13. @Nikhil : Its the pattern and not the colour. 😐 Yes, maybe. 😉
    @Maddie : Ohh!!! Thats weird too. *sigh* Now atleast you have the option of changing the channel. 😦 I have tried to convince myself many times that all this is a coincidence but then something happens and I have to change my opinion.
    @Poonam : 😀 Yes, I feel good when I don’t see it at times. Actually, I don’t want to see it at all. I have heard about this Hero Cycle add thing. Hahaha. Rani was lucky that there was no Dharna outside her house. 😉
    @Shefaly : Oh!!!! That would be terrible. :mrgreen:
    @Abha : Yes, it is. I don’t know if its common but I was not able to find it anywhere. And, I have tried watching the pic, but it was of no help as I was doing so with my own free will. It doesn’t work that way. 😐
    @Ashish : ANGEL??? Well, what’s the point of warning me? I am not able to prevent anything. If these are signs, then they are supposed to be a little more elaborate.
    And, the Emperor being controlled by an Alien Kid in an advanced version of SIMS sounds very exciting. 😛

  14. I would neither deny nor accept the existence of paranormal. It’s like if there is good in the universe then there is bad too to balance it. It’s very difficult to decide if this omen experience is a bane or a boon. It can keep your mind racing all the time. It depends on you wholly how you use this experience. I wish you can feel some good signals too which signify happiness in your life. Amen! 🙂

    And talking about Sims and Matrix. I love the game simply with its spell bounding graphics. After watching Matrix, for days I kept feeling weird as if I am one of the humans nurtured in the test tubes. 😯

  15. @Amit – Buy a same coloured tee and hang it in your room, buy one more and wear it and then look at it and say, “I know your are coming, I am gonna fight you!” 🙂 Maybe that will help. Its purely coincidence, though I have my own things I believe but I have my workaround for that. Some are just stupid workarounds 😀

  16. Amit,
    track down the company who sells that tee and shoot him.

    I think it wud be mere coincidence, bad things would have happened to you even when u did not see that T-shirt. Also nothing bad wud have happened even after seeing those t-shirts. You must have not noticed them, or you did not correlate it with the t-shirt coz nothing bad happ.
    Its with us humans, that we always check our past when things go wrong, like for eg if the exam was bad, we will think of the first person we saw that day or whom we met first when we started our way to college.
    To kill Superstition its said that you have to hit a tree 10 times. 🙂

  17. I’ll not delve into the debate if what you’re experiencing are coincidences or something paranormal.

    I’ve come across this argument, that we are living in a simulation in 2005. In fact my first blog post was on this topic only. If you want to know more about this read For less technical argument, read <a href=””this NYT article.

  18. I believe in the paranormal and there are some things that cant be refuted as mere coincidences. And I certainly believe in omens. and I’m definitely a sane person 🙂 //I know, no sane person is going to believe what I am writing// There was this teacher in my school and whenever she came as invigilator in my hindi exam my paper would invariably go bad (though i never failed). I considered her as an omen. And there have been many instances of my intuition coming true that now I dont ignore what my inner self tells me. But I really hope that this shirt doesnt trouble u anymore.

  19. * faints* . ..O lord!.what is this!!
    For the past 10 years!! 😦
    this should be cured dear or else this will make u really tired .y do ur eyes search for this t shirt ..something is wrong somewhere…n u need to search for the root cause ( may be within)
    n omens wont be the same every time :mrgreen:
    n if the colour of the t shirt is the prob , see if there is any dictionary of colours like dictionary of dreams 😀

    n i think the girl in the pic saw u taking the pic ,shes staring at u like dat 😛

  20. Dude, 1st, I think u r mixing 2 things here, I mean don’t u think sims and matrix are totally different. We can practically not take a sim to the bathroom if it has to pee, and he’ll wet his pants, so its not really his choice, whereas in matrix, at least the mind is free, we can think for ourselves.
    and i think, it might be something that the first time u saw that shirt 15 times, and a bad incident happened and then, u just noticed that shirt more…. I mean if i think red shirt gives me danger alarms, i might start noticing every red shirt i see……. and ignore the other ones, even though i might have seen more green shirts that day……… know what i mean

  21. @Poonam : The Devil’s coat?? I read about it in Wiki. Quite interesting. 🙂
    @Withering Willow : I am quite sure that there are many things which can’t be explained. For me, this experience gave me a lot of anxiety but not I am learning to ignore it.
    Matrix was one hell of a movie, just for its concept and great storyline. 😀
    @RJ – I tried to find the shirt but I could never find it. 😦 This post is a sort of workaround for me. 🙂 Anyways, I am learning to ignore such warnings.
    @Xylene : Its not that bad things happened because of the shirt. The shirts act as a warning that something bad was about to happen. And it took me almost a year to realize that there was a connection. So, I won’t consider it a coincidence. All I can say is that such incidences are like Ghosts. You believe in Ghosts if you have seen one. 🙂
    @Anand : Thank you so much for sharing the links. I just love reading such things. 😉
    @Lallopallo : 😀 YES!!!
    @Reema : Yes, we start believing in such things if they happen with us. I really hope so too although I have started to ignore it now. I have stopped acknowledging its presence.
    @Rekha : I think the only cure available is to ignore it, although it won’t be easy at first. But I am trying. 🙂 I think its not the color, but the pattern. And, yes the girl saw me but she thought I was clicking the coastline which was just behind them. 😀
    @Perx : What I wanted to say is that both were simulations. One was more advanced than the other. And it took me a year to form a connection between the shirt and the incidences. One thing I am very good at observing is the clothes which people wear. So, I would have remembered if I would have seen more red or green shirts. The thing is that the pattern is so visible that it protrudes in front of me and I just can’t miss it.

  22. hhhmmm………it looks like steven spilebergs next movie story………
    But i can’t believe that these things really happen in life…………………….you saw so many people with the same shirt………the manufacturer must be making a lot money i suppose……………….

    By the way you can open my story in Ms-word………..

  23. hmm…you know what it is pretty weird but there are a lot of things around us which tell us what is going to happen…its like an headache means something else…And well sometimes knowing whats going to happen isn’t all that great,it makes you suffer…

  24. hmmm well amit.. dont give it serious thought.jus enjoy life as it comes.and bharat u speak as if lying is a must to do in life.. cant believe it frm u.. he he

  25. I don’t know man, I’ve seriously never heard or seen these types of things b4. I guess u’ll just have to let go of it or live with it……

  26. @Ashish : As you say My Lord!!! But I have my doubts. 😛
    @Aravind : Hahaha. Well it has not taken such an interesting turn yet. 🙂 And you can only believe in such things if you experience them. For e.g. you will believe in ghosts if you or someone near to you have seen one.
    I tried opening your story in word but it gave some gibberish. I’ll try again. 🙂
    @Vishesh : Yes. Exactly. It was such a headache after sometime.
    @Sujani : Yes. 😀 I am doing that. And Bharat is really suffering there. He couldn’t find a single English novel. 😆 And, ofcourse, lying is a must. Don’t know how Bharat survives without that. 😉
    @RJ : I can atleast wear it at home. 😐
    @Perx : Yes, I am trying to let go of it. As fast as possible.

  27. ya your right………………….Experience is the key to many beliefs………….
    Try opening it in word 2007……….or just try downloading it again now it is in a normal format

  28. Wow, that is amazing. I don’t know if I believe that someone’s controlling us but I do have a feeling that we are pawns and are made for some particular reason, some purpose. How we achieve or don’t achieve it depends on how we lead our life.

    The rational part of the brain asks me to give you reasons like maybe this t-shirt is very common and maybe you get reminded of it again and again because you saw it 15 times in a day and it’s a lot and your grandfather died next day so you had it in mind. But the heart says something else. It says divine intervention is possible and such things happen. Maybe they do, I don’t know what to say.

    However, if they do, I’ve got a job for you. There’s this program called Teen Deviyan on Star News which tells the future and all. Woh join kar le. Then it’ll become Teen Deviyan aur Ek Anna. Sahi hai na? Ladki bhi, paise bhi, fame bhi. Aur kya chahiye? 😛

    Achcha theek hai, I know that was lame. Just wanted to end it on a happy note, ‘ssal.

  29. @Aravind : Ok. will do it asap. 😀
    @Ish : Some things are completely out of our hands. No matter how hard we try some things take their own sweet time to happen. I think we have a predefined path. Its just that we get surprised at times because we don’t know the path.
    Regarding the shirt, it just makes me anxious. I have started to ignore it. God has been really kind to show me such signs but I don’t want them.
    Aur tum to mujhe jagat Anna bana do!!!! Mujhe shaadi bhi karni hai…iss baad ka dhyan rakho. 😛

  30. Theek toh hai. Anna log shaadi nahi karte kya? Suneil Shetty shaadishuda anna. Aur kya chahiye?

    And Teen Deviyon ke saath show main kis liye kara raha hun? Un mein se ek ko toh pata lena na. 😛

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