I love you too

First of all, my apologies to everyone for not being a very regular reader of the posts of all my buddies for quite some time now. The reason being that I have shifted base to a new place and my office is an (un)comfortable two hours drive from my home. So, I end up being in the lap of my bus for four precious hours everyday instead of being in that of my lap-top. I have to iron out my life but don’t know how.

Having said that, this post is a short story which was lying in my drafts from the past three months. Its being a while I had written one but this one popped one fine morning in my brain due to a cerebral short circuit. I started wondering on the silliness of it and then thought of bestowing the readers with it. 😛

The title of the post, of course, belongs to the short story. 😀

Here goes :

What started as a drizzle was now turning into a downpour. She was standing at the entrance of her office, forcing the umbrella to stay above her head and waiting for a cab to materialize amidst the shards of water breaking from the clouds. She saw a car approaching but it was not a cab. The black Mercedes stopped in front of her and she saw her image roll down with the window. What appeared from the other side was one of the most enchanting faces she had ever seen. He was smiling with one corner of his lips curled up and ending up in a deep dimple.

“May I help you? Can I drop you somewhere?”, he asked.

“No thanks. I will prefer going by a cab.”, she replied as her brain received a smack from her heart.

“You would be needing a boat after sometime. Don’t worry. Just hop in and I will drop you where ever you stay.”

She hesitated for a second but the dimple was at display again. She smiled back as she sat in the car and closed the door.

“Thanks.”, she said tersely.

“No trouble at all. I am Daniel.”, he shot back.

“Margaret.”, she smiled back.

He drove silently for a few minutes and then suddenly shot a glance at her.

“What?”, she asked.

“I can drop you at a place only if I know where the place is.”

“Oh!!! I am so sorry.”, she laughed back.

She told him the address and soon the car screeched at her doorstep after snaking through a few water clogged roads.

“Would you come in for a cup of coffee?”, she asked as she picked up her umbrella. She was smiling and she was not looking at him.

“Yeah sure. Its damn cold and coffee would certainly do me good.”, he said giving his dimpled smile again.

She felt a warmth in her heart. She looked at him and suddenly she couldn’t remove her eyes from his face. She just wanted to be near him. Just wanted to feel his warmth…

She unlocked the door of her apartment and asked him to come in as she switched on the lights. The apartment was spacious and very tastefully decorated with artifacts and paintings from across the globe.

“God!!! You are rich. Why don’t you have a car?”

“Thanks. I had one. I sold it last week. Got bored or it actually. I need to buy another one this weekend. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll bring the coffee.”, she said as she took his coat.

“Can I come in the kitchen? If you don’t mind.”, He asked when she was halfway across the hall.

“Sure.”, She looked back and smiled at him.

He sat at the small dining table in the kitchen and watched her make coffee. Soon she was staring at the droplets of rain slashing across the kitchen window, lost in thoughts, smiling. Suddenly he got up and stood behind her, with his hands on her shoulders, squeezing them lightly. Then he moved one of his hand over hers and cupped her slender fingers.

“My husband might be at home anytime.”, she said.

A lightening bolt flashed across the window as she said this. His grip loosened instantaneously. He went to the drawing room, picked his coat and left the house. She stood in the kitchen and laughed.

* * *

The bell rang a few minutes later. She opened the door.

“Hi hon. How are you doing?”. It was her husband.

“Great. How was your day?” , she said flashing one of her sparkling smiles which her husband really loved.

“I was thinking about you all day long.” He said as he took her in his arms and kissed her.

“What!!! Aren’t you tired?”, she asked knowing very well what was about to come.

“Not yet. But maybe, I will be in an hour.”, He said as he smiled and picked her in his arms and moved towards the bedroom.

* * *

When she woke up in the morning, her husband was already up, fixing breakfast in the kitchen. She showered quickly and entered the kitchen.

“Breakfast is served.”, her husband said as he presented her with scrambled eggs, fruits, juice and bread.

“Thank you so much dear. What would I do without you.”, she said kissing him.

They ate the breakfast, chatting happily and later he went to drop her at the office in his car. As she got out of the car, he caught hold of her hand.

“What?”, she said turning around and laughing.

“It was fun last night. Wasn’t it?”

“Yes it was. But come to think of it, what the hell were we doing?”, she said as she laughed out loud.

“Just remembering the first night we met. Come on, its been exactly five years yesterday. What’s wrong in being a little playful?”, he said as he entangled his fingers into hers.

“Yes, but five years ago, you didn’t turn around and leave and I was not married.”, she said and winked. He looked at her for a few moments, playing with her fingers. Then he pulled her into the car.

“You are the best wife I could have asked for. I love you, Margaret.”

“I love you too, Daniel”, she whispered slowly in his ear as she hugged him and looked at the diamond ring on her finger, which he gave her last night. There were tears of happiness in her eyes.

She waved her husband goodbye as he drove away in his black Mercedes, giving her another one of his infectious, dimpled smiles.

42 comments on “I love you too

  1. wow…wonderful..dude..when are u publishing your book…i am ready to review it.. 😛
    i would be knowing 2 writers then you and nikhil 😀
    excellent yaar..

    at first i was thinking .. ” aH !! I wish girls were like that ”
    then u gave me a shock… 😀

    good work..keep the stories flowing..

  2. This is too good Amit! Keep it up!!
    I’m finding this interesting! Your short stories are making me to read more of ’em…but we dont get anything of this kind in FOAB or FOC!!

  3. It was sooo sweeeet….. I just loved the way you wrote it……

    It can even be picturized very well….Its a good short film… 🙂 🙂


  4. Wow!! What a creative thought!! It did seem to be a fast track dating for a while, from the first few paragraphs. 😉 Hey Arvind, Amit is not just a writer..Mind you!! 😉 He is a writer “with a difference”. 🙂 Frankly, it was very creative!!

    But lemme me tell you something that you are not gonna believe though!:-) It did occur to me while reading these two lines (pasted below), that, MAY BE (remotely atleast), Daniel himself were (was not completely sure at this point and hence the usage of “were”) Margaret’s husband.

    “He went to the drawing room, picked his coat and left the house. She stood in the kitchen and laughed.”

    Especially that she stood in the kitchen and “LAUGHED”. I somehow felt “LAUGH” was too convenient an expression to react to such an action of Daniel’s, especially when it was a romatic liaison with a stranger!! 😉

    Now please dont kick me for all this wierd explaination i gave. I just wanted to let you know how I GUESSED!! 🙂

    Oh my God!! I cant wait to start a blog of mine!! You guys are awesome!! 🙂

  5. Finally you’ve published this one… and its getting you good comments. Don’t know y u were delaying to post this… I remember reading it itting in FOC almost 3 months back.. and told you it was nice… chal firse… acha hai 🙂

  6. @Gourav : Thanks a lot. Knowing you, I am not sure if you have read it till the end. 😛
    @Arvind : Thanks Arvind. Although I am not at all confident that I could ever muster the courage to publish
    a book. 🙂
    @ArunGJ : Thanks Arun. Well, you can try this one out too. 😉 So hows FOA/B/C doing?
    @Xylene : Prey, why??? 😯
    @Anand : Thanks Anand. 🙂
    @Rushabh Gandhi : Thank you so much. Hmmm…well I think it would be difficult to picturise it. To keep the identity of Daniel a secret, we have to hide his face either in the beginning or the end, which would take away the fun. Don’t you think so?
    @Manoj : Thanks Manoj. Well…err…writer is a heavy word. 😀 And yes, that clue was deliberate. Nobody in her right senses would not have laughed at that point.
    And, I am looking forward to reading your blog. 🙂
    @Reema : Thank you. Yes I am trying. Very hard. 😦
    @Atipriya : Yes, since I had nothing else to publish right now. 😦 This traveling is taking all my time and driving me crazy. 😐

  7. Man, I think I read the same kind of story with same concept before itself as from starting itself I am able to guess what is going to come OR I might have understood the way of ur writing as this is very common for u to keep this kind of twists 🙂 What ever may be, the way of presentation is very good and I feel very sorry now that you might have started this 2 years back and I might have joined as apprentice to you 🙂

  8. 4 hours in a bus everyday? That sucks man!!
    Seems like you are a budding writer..your story looks very long..I will read it when I have more time..may be during the weekend..

  9. @Amit – Dude, 4 hours? How do you manage? That must be tough!! Btw, this is an awesome story!

    It was exceptionally sweet! So, you all ready to be Daniel and found your Margaret? 😛

    Keep smiling, keep writing & stay healthy,

    btw, you got a nice blog out here!

  10. Amit, that was a cute story and held one’s interest till the end. However I wonder why you named the people with non-Indian names?
    And one way to use your time commuting is get an aircard!

  11. Hi Amit

    wow man…you have turned into a master storyteller……what the heck are you doing in this silly IT field….writing softwares for firangs…..give some more time to this hobby of yours and start writing more frequently……..and we have a Chetan Bhagat or Khaled Hossini in making……… 🙂
    Great work…keep it up… !!!!!!!

  12. Haila, kya anticlimax tha. Achchi thi. Nice and short, and that’s all one can ask for in this world of Ekta Kapoors et’ al.

    4 ghante in the bus is bad, man. Ghar company ne diya ya khud liya? Company ne diya toh stupid baat hai. Metro nahi jaati aas paas se?

  13. Wow !! this is really a cute story, really different n unique one 🙂
    I really luved it 🙂 n if u have any more in ur drafts , get them all out 😉 keep writing 🙂

  14. Good one, but a giveaway after she laughs in the kitchen like Manoj said. Very sweet though I thought it would turn out to be some mystery at the end. But a very cute concept. 🙂

  15. @Vijaya Bharat : Thanks Bharat. 😀 And, apprentice??? For what? 😯
    @Lallopallo : Yes, it does. But I don’t have much choice right now. And yes, do read it. 😀
    @RJ : I manage by reading a novel and listening to music. 🙂 And thanks for all the nice comments. 😀
    @Nita : Thanks Nita. How are you feeling now? Hmmm…they can be Indians. Christians do have such names. 🙂
    @Praveen sharma : Well…err..I don’t think I am that good. *blushed a beetroot red* That’s too kind of you. 😀
    @Ish : Don’t you think its kinda romantic?? Maybe I’ll do this someday. 😛 And I think I have already answered all your other Qs. 🙂
    @Rekha : Thanks a lot. 🙂 No I don’t have any more in my drafts right now, but a few are rotating in my mind right now. Lets see when I vomit them out. :mrgreen:
    @Fruitymind : Thanks. 😀 And Amen from me too. 😀
    @Maddie : I didn’t know it would become that obvious after that line.:D Thanks. 🙂

  16. Very Nice! I loved it!! Keep writing such things man..!
    and I apologize too, i’ve been a workaholic the past week and have been neglecting the blogosphere! 😦

  17. Ok, I read it. Somehow, I guessed the end at the very start..probably because I read something similar on somebody else’s blog 1-2 days back.
    I think for a short story like this, where any character or context development is not possible, twists are the only heroes here and so they have to be more surprising and shocking than the one you had…
    Feel good factor, as in your story, doesnt work as much in such short stories as does something completely unexpected…
    Iam sorry for spoiling the party for you, but I guess you will appreciate the fact that Iam giving honest feedback and that I have higher expectations from you.:)
    A good start, nevertheless…

  18. @Nikhil : Thanks man. Its a big compliment coming from you. 😀
    @Pr3rna : Thanks a lot. 🙂
    @Vishesh : Sad. 😦 And thanks for the tag. Will do.
    @Lallopallo : Err..actually this is not the first story I have written, its the 6th as you can see in the category section. And thanks for the opinion. 🙂
    @Idlidosa : 😀 Yes I am. 😛

  19. @Priya : Thanks. 😀 And they are Indian names. Its just a matter of perception. 😉
    @Aravind : Thanks. 🙂 And Welcome. 😀
    @Arvind : Hmmmm….

  20. Amit, its a nicely written story.

    I too guessed because the no woman would so easily laugh. If not her husband, it meant they are playing along. Or girl trusts the guy and knows will see again.

    Secondly, is this sentence OK?

    “Yes, but you didn’t turn around and left five years ago and I was not married.”, she said and winked.

    I guess it should be “leave” and not “left”. This one word change made me re-read the last part several times to ensure that I understood correctly.

  21. @Prax : Thanks. 😀 Ummm…I have no idea about Mills n Boons except that they are love stories. Never read them 😐 And I would definitely try to write more often.
    @Vijaya Bharat : Ohhhh. 😛
    @Withering Willow : Hey!! Thanks. 😀
    @Abha : Thanks. 🙂
    @Poonam : Thanks. 🙂 I have changed the sentence a little bit. Hope its easy to grasp now. 🙂

  22. you some kinda genius or something? I’m completely hooked to this blog. This is one romantic story which any girl would wish would be hers. 🙂

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