Sarkar Raj – Movie Review

After shocking and terrifying the masses with “RGV ki Aag” and “Darling”, Ram Gopal Verma is back with the sequel of his most successful movie in recent times – Sarkar. Frankly speaking, I could never understand how a director who made Satya, can make movies like Aag. Thankfully, Sarkar Raj pulls up Ramu and he is in his top form.

The movie picks up where Sarkar left, but like our good old soap operas on the idiot box, the plot jumps two years in future. Shankar Nagre (Abhishek Bachchan)  has now completely taken his father’s place as Sarkar and his father(Amitabh Bachchan) is nothing more than a opinion provider and someone who can help with his contacts and pull in the crowds. Enters Anita Rajan (Aishwarya Rai), who is keen to set up a power plant in a rural area of Maharashtra but the only catch is that 5 villages and 40,000 people will have to relocate. Subhash Nagre refuses to help but his son talks him into helping Anita as he thinks that the project will be beneficial for Maharashtra in the long term. Soon, Shankar starts a campaign to convince the people of the villages to be displaced and is almost successful when the trouble starts. Things are not as simple as they seem to be and there are vested forces at work and this project turns into a landmine of tricks and betrayal. I would not like to go deeper into the movie as it would give away the plot which has its own share of surprises and shocks.

If you have liked Sarkar, then you would like Sarkar Raj too. Although comparison with the first movie is inevitable but the movie lives up to its successor. Abhishek Bachchan is at par with his father and both of them compliment each other perfectly well. Aishwarya is also good as the woman in power who is still helpless and groping with the system and her father. The movie has a dark feel to it and is too serious. Although no one will expect comedy scenes in such a movie, but I was wondering throughout the movie that when was the last time this family had a laugh or a good time? And Ramu used a lot of different camera angles which didn’t make sense to me. There were some scenes which almost made me dizzy because of the erratic and haphazard way they were shot. On the other side, some scenes were very effective because of the way light was used in them. Well, that’s Ramu for us. Always trying new things and not afraid of failing.

And yes, before you ask, there is ample scope for part three. Go ahead and watch it if you liked Sarkar and if you want to find out what finally happened to the Nagre family.

Rating – 3.5/5 

Director – Ram Gopal Verma

32 comments on “Sarkar Raj – Movie Review

  1. Nice review man 🙂 I already gone through some more reviews and they too mention in the same manner. So one more movie added to my must watch list 🙂

  2. 2nd review of Sarkar Raj in a day. There’s one thing common to both the reviews, you people not liking the camera angles.

    Quite frankly, I’m not gonna go to the theatre and watch it because I hate the Bachchan family. I may be being unfair but that’s how it is. I don’t like them. Ever since Abhishek’s marriage took place, they’ve been a very arrogant lot and I’m not liking the things I’ve been reading about them. But can’t take credit away from Abhishek. He’s good. Will watch it when and if it comes on cable.

    How’s Delhi going, btw?

  3. And this the 3rd review after Ruhi and Suda..thx god I saw and did one on Indy instead!! Noticeably u havent criticized aishwarya 😀 a fan by chance? Have to see it now to know whats this camera angles ppl r talking abt. I liked Ramu’s darna mana hai.

  4. Great to hear that ramu is back in form. I agree with you on what you said about Satya… will definitely watch this one cause I love Sarkar…

  5. Good review. I was wondering whether to see Sarkar Raj or not, as I had realised that RGV’s films were simply not like they had been before. But now I think I shall go see it!

  6. Arre wah Amit! 😀 Glad to know that you also agree with ALL my points! It was definitely worth a watch and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Haven’t seen the first movie, but this was good on a stand alone basis. Didn’t like the weird camera angles and Ash. But AB baby made up for Everything. I almost cried when he…he… 😦 😉

    I gave it a 7.5 too

  7. Good, now we are confusing people 😀 I am sending links of 3-4 review posts to my friends who have not yet seen the movie. And I am glad to see they are totally confused 😛

    Good review but very soft. 😀


  8. @Vijaya Bharat : Thanks. 🙂 Yes, its worth watching once.
    @Ish : Movie is movie and Bachchan Family is Bachchan Family. Don’t mix them. We go to watch movie to get entertained. If a movie is good, go and watch it and that’s it. Bahut sochne ki zaroorat nahi hai. 😀 Delhi is very hectic. I am half dead. 😐
    @Reema, @Amyth : Yup, I am Ash’s fan. Seriously, I could never understand the she-is-plastic talk. 🙂 I think she is ok and has improved a lot over the years. She is not the best Bollywood has produced but she is not the worst either. 😀 And I think people are too harsh on her. 😐 I haven’t seen DMH but I did saw DZH. That was pathetic. 😛
    @Oemar, @Nita, @Maddie, @Xylene, @Nova : Yup, you can see it once. Worth watching.
    @Ruhi : Well we don’t agree about Ash I guess. 😛 I think you should watch the first part too. That Govinda chant was there in the first part. And, yes, AB Baby’s *ahem* was a shock. 🙂
    @Suda : Soft??? 😆
    @Priya: Thanks. 😀 Rajeev Masand?? You mean that fat guy who keeps on blabbering?? 😛
    @Vishesh : Narmada?? Didn’t get you…

  9. i liked sarkar,eager to watch sarkar raj …

    thankfully you haven’t given away the end 🙂

    and i don’t understand why everyone thinks ash cannot emote ! she does perform considerably well ! she is not just hyped but also criticized too much (for not being able to live up to all the hype? )

  10. i fully agree
    i liked it because of the very interesting twists and overall intelligent story,and portrayal of politics in india and especially Maharashtra

    one thing though the plot is nowhere near reality
    and enron was a passing reference

    i think that ramu has experimented or gotten inspired by old Hollywood and new gangster movies with his camera angles.. and he has even taken a dig at the other thackarey . he has taken the whose who from the marathi theatre and soaps in this movie!

    Dilip P is as normal outstanding , so is amitabh

    what, part 3? any story ideas

  11. @Pr3rna : Yes, they do. 😉 I wanted a poster which had all the lead actors and this was the only one present. 🙂
    @megcloud9 : Yes, you can watch the movie once. 🙂 And yes, I too think that Ash is not all that plastic. I think she has improved a lot over the years.
    @Prax : Its ok to get inspired but I can’t understand the need to swing the camera like a pendulum and inserting it inside a bike’s tyre. 😀 Well, part 3 will have Ash and Chiku fighting for the throne. They have already shown Ash taking care of things.
    @Nikhil : You hated it? I wonder what do you think about Tashan and U me aur hum?
    @Ankur : Sure. Will do.

  12. ok i think i get his inspiration now
    while channel surfing i saw a saas bahu serial for a few minutes – looks like he has been inspired from that too- or maybe it is to draw out the saas bahu audience – u tell me 😉

  13. @Arvind : I too hope it works, although I am not hearing favorable news.
    @Prax : If he is trying to draw out the sas bahu audience, then I don’t understand the need for that. 😐 He is already quite well established. All he need to do is to make a good movie.

  14. Great movie.Junior AB has the potential to follow his famous father’s footstep.1 day will come where we will see Junior AB as a ruler of bollywood.Am i write or wrong Amit?.After Aaag Ramu got his lost place again.

  15. @Prax : 😀
    @T : Umm…maybe…errr. 🙂
    @Bikash : I think he is already ruling. He has created his own niche.
    @Poonam : Saw it. 😀 Quite opposite, I agree. 🙂

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