The I and The Muzik

The I Meme

Nova tagged me for this meme. Here it goes.

i am: vulnerable yet strong, emotional yet ruthless, happy yet sad, afraid yet fearless, surreptitious yet open and Einstein yet Bush.
i think: there is always a reason behind everything, that we are all part of a bigger scheme of things.

i know
: that life is beautiful.
i want: to break free, to inhale tons of fresh air and to let go of a few dreams I am clinging to.
i have: hope and faith. Love and fear.
i wish: to fulfill my present lot of dreams so that I can move to the next lot.
i hate: diplomats and hypocrites.
i miss: the days devoid of anxiety.
i fear: calamities.
i feel: anxious right now, afraid of what the future holds.
i hear: the whirl of the air conditioner. The unexplained emotions churning in my brain.
i smell: a normal life ahead. Full of ups and downs and hopefully some meaning to it.

i crave
: for being with my family right now. To cry out loud. To laugh till tears run my cheeks.
i search
: for the purpose of being born on this planet.
i wonder
: how faith in God can make a human kill someone.
i regret: nothing.

i love
: anything which puts a smile on my face.
i ache
: to visit Dalhousie. To see my Nani ma who lives there.
i care
: for small small things and…
…i always
: end up looking like a fool. 
i am not
: a fool.
i believe
: that life means moving on and not clinging to the past.
i dance
: in dance parties and in my dreams. 
i sing
: when people ask me a 100 times to. 
i cry
: rarely. But when I do, there is no stopping me. I end up like a broken dam.
i don’t always
: ask for things. Some things are better understood than asked.
i fight
: rarely. But when I do, then my opponent is in big trouble.
i write
: in my blog and in my brain.
i win
: to loose lose everything.
i lose
: to make someone happy. 
i never
: do something to someone which I don’t want someone to do to me.
i confuse
: people when I want to hide something.
i listen
: to anyone who has something to tell. I am a very good listener(I can sleep with my eyes open 😉 ).
i can usually be found
: reading, watching a movie, sleeping with my mouth open or blogging.
i am scared:
of loosing control of my life.
i need
: to find a girl to fall in love with.
i am happy about
: the fact that I have people around me with whom I can share my happiness and sorrows. 

The Muzik Meme

The meme queen, Poonam tagged me to do this Music meme. The rules first.

Think of THE song that most inspires you to write, whether it gives you an idea for a story, script or just puts you into a better frame of mind AND/OR peek into the lyrics and find a verse that sums up the theme of whatever project it is you’re working on.

If possible, post a video of the song to convey to readers the full context of the song and the mood it puts you into. Finally, send the assignment to five other writers to do as well.

1. That’s the way it is – Celine Dion

This song always manage to cheer me up whenever I am in a dull mood. Beautiful lyrics.

2. Rhythm Divine – Enrique Iglesias

The song which still remains as fresh as a dewdrop, even when I have heard it a million times. Very very romantic.

3. Ye na thi hamari Qismat – Mirza Ghalib

The lyrics of the song still amaze me. “Mujhe kya bura tha marna, agar ek baar hota” (Dying would not have been that bad, if it would have happened only once). Profound to the core.

4. Show me the meaning – Backstreet Boys

Beautiful lyrics and the guitar is amazing. Perfect song to feel lonely in a crowd.

Ok, before I loose control and end up pasting the whole youtube here, I end this meme. As a parting shot here is a list of celebrities I resemble. 😉 I got this from Sulz.

Well, I always knew I resemble a hero and Adrien Brody is good enough. And Einstein (*Ahem*) is also fine although he is a bit old, I must admit. And who the hell is Song Hye-kyo??

Whatever. 😐 I am not tagging anyone. Please help yourself. That’s all folks. I am outta here. Phew!!! 🙂

25 comments on “The I and The Muzik

  1. that we are all part of a bigger scheme of things.
    My struggle to conquer the world! 😛

    All the songs are good, but I don’t get the Backstreet one… its more glum to me. 🙂

    Oh you resemble Calvin? Perfect I’d say! 😛

  2. Wonderful man. After some more this kind of blogs there will be nothing personal which only you know in the world i suppose 🙂

  3. Hey i forgot to ask this in previous comment. Do you remember how many times you slept while I am talking to you 😉

  4. “i cry: rarely. But when I do, there is no stopping me. I end up like a broken dam.”…hahaha 😆

    “sleeping with my mouth open”..shame 😀

    “i need: to find a girl to fall in love with.”..looks like ur just dying to get one love
    u resemble to Einstein..omg!

  5. Its nice to know a man who admits he cries and is not ashamed of it. Else some guys find it so unmanly.
    //i win: to loose everything.// umm u know its lose not loose.

    And Allirekha dont faint..he only resembles Einstein…There was a good quote but I cant remember it to cite it now.

  6. @Xylene : Hello!!! There were many things above that also. 😉
    @Ashish : Yeah, the would be emperor and his conquests!!! And you liked the Mirza Ghalib song?? 😯 And I love this Backstreet boys song. It makes me feel so lonely at times. And I like that. 😛
    And I don’t resemble Calvin. I resemble his father maybe. 😛
    @Vijaya Bharat : What?? You are tired already. There are two more coming. 😛
    @Anand : Yes, that is what I am. A bag of contradictions. But prey, please provide some examples. 😀
    @Allirekha : Hey!! Welcome to the *faint* category. I hope Xylene is going to faint soon. 😀 And I am not sure from which angle I resemble Einstein. 😐 Maybe my nose. 😛
    And, yes, I have to find a girl myself now since my parents are not helping in any way now. 🙂

  7. You resemble Einstein ?!! Buahahhaha !!

    A”nd Einstein (*Ahem*) is also fine although he is a bit old”
    He too was young once upon a time !! He wasn’t born old !! 😀

    I like most of the songs that you’ve mentioned !! 🙂

  8. hey, no fair, you’re supposed to put your picture for comparison! 😀 [/pot calling kettle black as she didn’t put her picture in the celeb recognition thingy too, lol]

    that song person is a female korean celebrity… i have not idea how you can resemble a hot woman and a crazy-looking genius at the same time! 😆

  9. You resemble einstein as well as brody!i guess even i come under the faint category.Ok,jokes apart, i have read so many tags/meme which have bored me to death.But this one is awesome work!Hope iam not over exagerrating.Anyway,Kudos!.I am gonna provide a link to your blog in mine.

  10. @Reema : You would be surprised to know that guys cry more than girls. Well, now a days, even heroes cry more than heroines in our movies. 😀
    Thanks for that “loose” thingy. Corrected it. 😉
    And I don’t know which Einstein quote you are talking about, but I created my own in the first tag – I am Einstein yet Bush. 😐
    @Priya : Yeah, I know he was young once but I always come across his oldie photos so that is the image in my mind. Although I don’t know how I resemble him. Maybe they are talking about the similarities in the brain? 😉
    @Sulz : I was thinking of putting the pic first but then dropped the idea. Why to put it here and let people know that I don’t resemble any of them? 😆
    And, I don’t understand how I resemble any of them. 😐 Maybe if we put all of them in a grinder for 10 minutes, the mixture will look something like me. 😉
    @Bhavna : Yeah you can also faint. The category is spreading like common cold. And thanks a lot. I’ll add you to my blogroll too. 🙂
    @Vijaya Bharat : Ok. 😀 And I think I have answered all your comments. Is there something left out?

  11. Darn it, everyone’s done the I meme so well! I like your answers, very thoughtful. I love the way you’ve mentioned the two sides of everything. Good hai.

    That’s the way it is! I LOVE that song! Even the video, especially that scene where the old lady comes in front of the TV screen. It’s very nice and hopeful for me. Celine Dion is great. I also loved that song which she sang for Stuart Little. And then there’s A New Day Has Come.

    Rhythm Divine again is a great song. It’s my mum’s fave Enrique song. I made her listen to Enrique hoping that one day she’ll move to Linkin Park and stuff. But she’s still stuck at Enrique and I’ve quit poking her further. My personal favorite from Enrique has to be Addicted though. The entire album Escape, including the Spanish versions of the songs was great. I know a couple of the Spanish ones by heart, almost.

    And I should say you should be really happy that you resemble Einstein! He’s uber-cool and he’s reasonably good looking I tell you. Looks better than most guys in Ekta Kapoor’s serials at least.

  12. “i need: to find a girl to fall in love with”
    That, in short, is the history of man. I mean, after the love is found and all the coming and going is over, man becomes history.

  13. @Ish : Thanks. 😀 Good that you liked it. 😛 I think most of Celine Dion songs are very good. New day, Alive and that’s the way it is are all so meaningful. Enrique has a great voice. The way he can modulate his voice is amazing. And your mom listens to Enrique??? OMG!!! 😆 Moms are supposed to listen to nothing else but Asaraam Bapuji. 😀
    Yeah, now come to think of it, he was cool in a way. Being intelligent is also cool. And he was not all that bad looking. Only that hairdo could have been much better.
    And who is Ekta Kapoor? I don’t know of any such organism. 😐
    @Rambodoc : *Sigh* But we still don’t give up. Do we? 😀

  14. Yeah, Celine Dion’s songs are almost always good because they’re always singing based unlike most female singers out there. She’s got a great voice.

    Yes sir, my mother listens to Enrique occassionaly. She has also listened to In the End and Numb from Linkin Park and I also give her a Coldplay dose once in a while. I make sure she doesn’t find the time to listen to Asaraam Bapu because that would only mean more lecturing, spiritual one at that. 😛

    Ah, you don’t know Ekta Kapoor? Well, she’s a creature who invades all major Indian television channels everyday except Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Those days are reserved for lame comedians, reality show besura’s and game show maniac Sidhhartha Basu. 😛

  15. hi…ur meme is very thoughtful!!
    some were pretty nice:
    “i sing: when people ask me a 100 times to. ”
    –oh oh
    i cry: rarely. But when I do, there is no stopping me. I end up like a broken dam.
    — this is mind-blowing…i’m gonna use it wherever possible.
    i need: to find a girl to fall in love with.
    —There has been so much mention of this “god knows where she is” girl in your blogs!! Damn lucky..famous before even she is found!! Well I hope she’ll get a mention immediately you get her!!

  16. @Ish : Ahhh!!! You are lucky. My mom is completely into Astrologers and spiritual gurus. Grrrrr. 😐 And thank God, I am off television. I open TV only to watch Travel n living sometimes. And please don’t tak e that name again and again on my blog. I don’t want to wake up one morning and find that the name of my blog is changed to Kashed Kusings. 😛
    @Poonam : Yes, what to do. 😦 I still have one pending. And…Errr…I thought Sulz was looking for a boyfriend. 😛
    @Abha : What was so “Oh-oh” about the singing part? I sang in front of you too. Probably you don’t remember??
    And, yes I better find the girl soon. My eagle eyes are always alert. 😀

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  18. hey just came across your blog.. you have a nice blog here.. Nice songs under “The Muzik Meme”.. 3 of your songs are my favourites too – Celine Dion’s, Enrique’s and Show me the meaning.. all 3 are my favourites 🙂

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