Invisible dimensions

cosmicharmony2.jpgThe concept of Parallel universes is not very old and the initial hints can be dated back to 1957 when Hugh Everett gave the “Many worlds interpretation” of the quantum mechanics. Ironically, even after being a Physics student for almost half a decade, I came across this concept while watching an episode of GhostBusters on Cartoon Network. 😐 In the said episode, it so happens that the parallel dimensions overlap suddenly and people are able to move from one world into another. The Ghostbusters come across a set of people from the other dimension and befriend them and so on and so forth. 🙂 I was so amazed by the concept that it remained with me for long.

Also, its surprising to know that the idea was initially proposed in the 1941 short story titled “El Jardín de senderos que se bifurcan(The garden of forking paths)” written by Jorge Luis Borges more than a decade before the actual theory came into picture.  

web.gifThe idea actually caught fire with the Superstring theory, which focused towards explaining all the fundamental forces of Physics by considering them as the vibrations of a tiny super-symmetric string. Suddenly a four dimensional world in which we live was not enough and scientists started talking about 10,11,20,100 and then n dimensions.

The theory also lead to a better understanding of the Big Bang Theory, which has been a topic of debate since its inception. If we consider the M-Theory(which is nothing but a super-set of the Super-string theory), then the universe consists of 11 dimensions out of which we are aware of only 4 as the rest of them are very tightly wrapped and thus are not accessible to us. So, basically our universe is just another bubble amongst the many bubbles occurring simultaneously in the eleventh dimension. And when two such bubbles collide with each other, then a Big Bang occurs which gives birth to another universe. So in a way, the Big Bang was not actually the “beginning of everything” but just happened along the way.

Scientists like Lisa Randall have further fuelled the parallel dimension theory by proposing that Gravity is a very weak force as compared to electromagnetism simply because it is concentrated in another dimension and just seeps into our dimension. You can read further about this here.

big_bang_2_3_2.jpgAll this talk has been a topic of fascination and fiction for decades but Physicists have now started taking it seriously as it simplifies a lot of theories. On the other hand, ever since the concept took wings, there has been numerous fiction stories and movies based on this concept like Alice in Wonderland, The wizard of Oz, Spirited away, Gulliver’s travels, Chronicles of Narnia, The Hitchhikers’s guide to the galaxy to name a few.

On a personal note, I myself have been completely smitten by the idea and ended up writing a short story titled “The loop” based on this concept. You can read the story here.

Well, come to think of it, doesn’t this theory also answers the questions of the appearance of Aliens and UFO, Ghosts, werewolves, Witches, Yeti, Demons and so many other phenomenons which are beyond our understandings. Maybe they all exist in some other dimension and pay us a visit at times. 🙂 What’s wrong in imagining??

wormhole-medium.jpgIts a known fact that the speed of light is not fast enough to travel across stars or galaxies. A round trip to Mars would take more than a year of travelling at the current speed of our spacecrafts, or less if this new rocket technology is implemented. Then how would we explain so many UFO sightings? If Alien crafts travel at the speed of light(technically you can’t travel faster than that), then it would take them ages to reach our planet. There has to be some other mechanism. This is where the theory of parallel dimensions start making sense and this also gave rise to the theory predicting the presence of wormholes or wrap drives which is an equally interesting theory. But more on it later. 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy the following video titled – Imagining the Tenth Dimension

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21 comments on “Invisible dimensions

  1. So, what dimension do the self-assembling machine elves live in? Still, it’s an interesting theory that there are more dimensions to the universe than we can observe. I don’t think spinning theories that don’t correspond to observed reality furthers the cause of science. Parallel universes are the stuff of imagination. Imagination is great in literature, but when scientific theories talk about things that can not be observed, like folded dimensions, the theories are meaningless. When you get bored with the pipe dreams of modern physics, look over the notebooks of Michael Faraday. Now there was a man who knew how to theorize.

  2. Now I am in eleventh dimension which is confusional dimension 🙂 Can I know why u jumped suddenly into this even with out any intro. After seeing the video I felt like seeing the ending scene of MIB. Any how I learnt a new concept. Thanks for that 🙂

  3. If aliens have ever visited our planet I prefer to think that they have made it through a wormhole or some sort of warp hole rather than a parallel dimension. There was an interesting movie (I forget the title) where through a “gate” a team managed to reach the very end of the universe. I find this idea absolutely fascinating. But even more than this what I find quite fascinating (and my rational mind says that wormholes could exist but this cannot!) is the idea of time travel, where millions of parallel universes exist in the past…if you have seen back to the future you know what I mean. I love the idea of going back in time and fiddling around with things a bit here and there and then coming back to see if anything has changed in the present.
    I saw a movie recently called Deja vu, it was purporting to be a modern version of back to the future but failed miserably. in this movie denzel washington looks at a crime scene and sees things there which he himself had put in (he doesn’t know that ofcourse and nor do we at the time) before be actually travels back in time. I wonder how this is possible. It is only once you go back that you can change the scene because the future has not yet been changed, you have not yet gone back. Sad that there was such a huge credibility gap in a movie with a big star like DW.

  4. yeah, these theories are really interesting, all this was explained on a 4 episode show on discovery channel in 2006….it was really a great show, explaining everything with simplicity.

  5. @someknowledge : Yes, I totally agree with you that these are just postulates, not even full fledged theories. But they can be true, can’t they be? Right now we don’t believe in them just because it can’t be proved but we also didn’t believed that the “Earth is round” some years back. 🙂 Even if they are just pipe dreams, aren’t they fascinating? 🙂

    @Vijaya Bharat : Good that you enjoyed the video. And I have given so many links in the post. You can follow them and have an in-depth knowledge. 🙂

    @Nita : If you see the youtube video, both the ideas are equally feasible. Its just that we are so used to living in a four dimensional space and thus can’t understand a fifth one. Imagine that you are a two dimensional organism. You won’t be able to understand the concept of a third dimension.
    I still have to see “Back to the future” but yes, I have seen “Deja Vu”. It was just a popcorn movie.
    Wormholes make more sense as far as space travel is concerned because in case of a parallel dimension, you don’t have to travel anywhere. You are already there. 🙂

    @Perx : Yes, I have seen some snippets of that show. Its beautiful the way they explain everything using graphics.

  6. I didnt know you were deeply interested in quantum physics and stuff. So, you studied physics for five year..that’s something..
    I have an engineering background and did study some physics long time back..I have been always very fascinated by relativity and twin paradox..Of late, Iam getting more and more interested in reading about quantum physics, relativity, time travel etc..I also try to follow the latest happenings in these fields..
    I was wondering if you can suggest some good books on these topics..where these abstract topics are explained in an interesting and readable way for people with limited background in Physics..

  7. @Anand : Nope, I have not read the book yet. But, yes I know that there is a problem with Physics. 🙂 That’s why I got bored of it. 😐

    @Lallopallo : Yes, I did studied Physics for five years, but I got really bored after that because there was too much theory. Then I shifted base to computers.
    I am not sure about the kind of book you want. Basically I have read those never ending theory books which won’t be much use to you. How about Wikipedia? 🙂

  8. hey.. very interesting..
    i happened to cme across a book long time bck.. sme thing like “…woo li dance..”
    dont remember.. there was a chapter on black holes. we are familiar with wht black holes r ofcourse. bt wht was new to me was, if the black holes are constantly sucking up things, has a mass arnd 3 times larger thn sun, and covers only a dist of say a few miles, then there must be sme place where allt he objects sucked up by it is pumped bck.. the author says, it either pumps it back in the same universe bt in a different “time”.. or in to the next universe.. also, everything satisfies the duality.. the author says, there are white holes too that is too far frm our reach yet can be seen clearly by the light it emits..
    the author nw puts in an idea which is so possible. he says, why nt these white holes be the other end of black holes.. black holes frm other universes which pumps out matter into ours!
    jst felt like sharing..
    gr8 post!

  9. @Anand : I think its a mix of some “over the top baseless speculations” at times and a very rigid set of theories. But somehow I feel that there is too much theorising and lesser practicality attached to this subject. That is why I got bored of it. 😐

    @Lallopallo : Yup I agree. But I am not sure if there is a “Beginners guide” kind of a book for it, because after chapter 2 you will finally end up with a Schrodinger equation. 🙂

    @Matangi : Even I have heard about this theory. Its said that Black Holes are portals to other Universes. They suck up everthing but where is that “everthing” going? So many questions and no answers. 🙂
    Aneways, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  10. @Reema : Thanks. 😀 Yes, I have read The Theory of Everything by Stephen Hawking, which was actually not written by him but consist of a series of lectures given by him. It was quite fascinating. And Nope, I haven’t read Richard Feynman yet.

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  12. Interesting article. I have watched quite a few shows on this topic and have always been fascinated by it. Parallel worlds by Michio Kaku is also an interesting book to read.

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