Aawwite!! So this is the first time I am tagged and the credit goes to Bharat. I can’t wait till my work is over to finish this off, so I am taking some healthy mind refreshing breaks in-between my work to write some stuff about me which I don’t know is interesting or not. 🙂

The Rules first :

– Link to the person that tagged you.Post the rules on your blog.

– Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

– Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Here it goes:

#1# I have never used a nail cutter. I luuuuv cutting my nails manually. And yes, it includes my toenails also. I derive immense pleasure from it which I believe is quite close to what a human might derive while doing Ahem!!! Sometimes I get over exited and end up with bloodied hands(or toes), but I still love it. Ok, so now I am sounding like some Draculaish-gore-flick hero, so I should move to the next point. Ohh and one more thing. I pick my nose also when I don’t have anything better to do and if I am really getting bored. But it doesn’t happen too often nowadays. 😆

#2# Whenever I listen to some foot-tapping number from a Hindi movie, I start imagining that I am a part of a Dance group and we are performing that number on stage. The other members of that Dance group are friends from my real life and I pick them up randomly. Also, when we perform, there is a huge crowd to cheer us and everybody is going mad and falling on each other to get closer to us and touch us. When the performance ends, there is a standing ovation and girls scream my name. Ammmmmmmmmmmmmittttttt!!!!!

#3# Very few of the people know about this habit of mine, and they find it quite amusing. Whenever I read a novel, I imagine as if I am watching a movie. I pick up actors from Bollywood or Hollywood depending on my mood and give them the characters of the novel to play. So, in a way I watch the novels instead of reading them. The last one I read was Snow and I took Shahrukh for the role of Ka, Priety for the role of Ipek, Aishwarya for the role of Kadife and Hrithik for the role of Blue. I even pay attention to the minute details like the clothes they are wearing, the surroundings and sometimes even the background score which I pick up from one movie or the other. 🙂

#4# I have this habit of not staring in the person’s eyes while talking. I keep rotating my head and looking at everything else except the person whom I am talking to. People generally take it as a “not interested” attitude but I just can’t concentrate on a face for too long. I have this phobia that if I stare long enough in a person’s eyes, then I will forget what I was trying to say and look really stupid.

#5# I hate lizards. I always dream of going to the Himalayas and do some big Yagya so that lord Shiva would come and ask me to make one wish. And then I would ask him to kill all the lizards in the world.

#6# I have this craving for travelling. I want to see the whole world before I die, I want to eat each and every exotic cuisine and I want to do each and every adventure sport which exists. Don’t know when this is going to happen. 😦

And now my targets are :






Thats it. I can’t think of any more poor souls. 🙂

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45 comments on “Tagged!!!

  1. 😆
    2 and 3 rd were intersting and 5th one is strange :mrgreen:
    well i have already done a tag long back8 random gfacts about me..
    anyway will do this too 😛

  2. #1: Nose picking is okay, but cutting your nails like that is scary. 😐

    #2: Haha, I do this a lot too. Except that I do it on Coldplay and Green Day songs. I become the lead singer, and then I start singing and everybody in the crowd is shouting and loving it. I’ll try the girls shouting my name part next time. 😛 So have you been SRK in Dard-e-Disco already? 😛

    #3: I imagine my books sometimes too but I don’t take Bollywood people in them. Isn’t a bad idea at all if you ask me.

    #4: That would be logical if you are talking to someone who has a really pretty face or really pretty eyes..that way you would get lost. But how can you be lost in the eyes of a guy? 😛

    #5: I lurve lizards! When I had my old computer, one of them fell from the roof and stuck it’s tail inside my modem. It got electrocuted and my modem got fried. Result was that I convinced my dad to buy me a LAN modem and shift to broadband. Us chhipkali ki aatma ko shanti mile. 😀

    #6: I have a couple of things I wanna do before I die too. Buying a really fast computer is one of them. Another one is doing what every guy has on his mind. And yet another one is giving it back to all the people who’ve told me I’m useless.

  3. @Arvind : Why is #5 one strange?? You like lizards?? 😯

    @Ish : SRK in Dard-e-Disco? 😆 No, I have not tried it yet. Well, whats the harm. 😉 Then I will throw myself on the girls. 😆
    About eyes : I think they are the most expressive part of your face. And when I stare into someone’s eyes for too long, I start analysing them. The colour, the shape n all. So that’s why I would finally forget what I was saying.
    Lizard : How did you removed the dead body from there?? Yieks!!!
    #6 : Believe me, you will get all these things. 😉 Life can never fail to surprise us and I can bet anything on that. 🙂

  4. Yep, you get to throw yourself on the girls and you get to have a six pack and long-ish hair as well. 😛

    I know, I’m a sucker for eyes too. I think eyes can tell you about someone’s mood. I’m sure even I’d get lost if I started into a girl’s eyes. Doesn’t happen with the guys though. Getting lost in a guy’s eyes sounds gay. 😛

    I took my notebook, picked the lizard up with it while it was still bleeding from the tail and threw it out of the window. One of the bravest things I’ve done in my life. I would have freaked out if I had to do that with a cockroach.

    Yeah, I’ve heard. I’m pretty much waiting for life to surprise me. Maybe one day it will and I’ll be a happy person that day.

  5. @amit
    m extremely dissappointed 2 say this but i dont know hw to link d ppl i wanna tag 😳 matlab if i write some XYZ ka naam below toh hw 2 link it 😳 n d person who tagged me was u…so hw to link my post 2 urs…i know m behaving like m 4m d 16th century bt m nt dat experienced at wordpress 😳 nw bttr be a nice frnd n help me 😡

  6. @Ish : I could never get a six pack. I tried very hard…gym n all…but nope. But yes I lost a few kgs and that was good enough for me. And I never got lost in anybody’s eyes. Its just a phobia. I have never tried actually. But yes, the first thing I notice about a person is his/her eyes. 🙂 And that lizard thing was really brave. You should have got the bravery award on 26 Jan. 🙂
    @Riddhima : See, its very simple. When you write a name, just select it and there will be a symbol in your visual tab…it will be something like a chain. Click on it and a small window will appear. Give the link address there and thats it. 🙂 hope this helps. And BTW you haven’t commented on what I wrote. 😐

  7. 1. Weird. 😛 You, my friend, have some sort of strange fetish. 😛 And nose-picking is… gross O_o

    2. When I listen to a song I sometimes imagine myself performing it. It’s great fun. 😀

    3. When I read books, all I can picture are cabbages in place of the characters’ faces. 😐

    4. I look people in the eye when I speak. Even when I’m lying. I’m an awesome liar.

    5. I don’t mind insects of any sort. Ths lizard once died in my room and I didn’t let anyone throw it out for weeks. I slowly watched the body decay and decompose. It was fascinating. And during school camping trips I’m the official pest-care guy. Whenever people find insects in their tents, they call me. Same in the classroom. And I never get any thanks for it. 😦

    6. I want to travel too. On my own or with people of my choosing. I hate travelling with my parents. They do all sorts of stupid touristy things.

  8. Hello Bhaiya…

    U can imagine how many abusive words I must have uttered while reading all this Bu****it…

    And an important message to all other guys and girls… There’s still one thing which like weiredEST on this earth in him which he forgot to tell… IF anybodys’ interested then I can tell that…

    But yaa… is anyone interested…???

  9. Ohh God! I can totally associate with you with that nail cutting thing 😐 I thought that I’m the only weirdo around. In fact, I insist on trimming the nails of people sitting next to me too. Hehe.

    And even I want to travel and see Europe 🙂 I hope to do that sometime next year. Let’s see.

    #3 is Very funny 😆 Would like to know whom you imagined as Harry Potter!

  10. @Bharat : I slowly watched the body decay and decompose <—- This is gross. 😆 Did you actually do that. 😯
    And…Ok I admit that the nail biting thing was a little exaggerated. I am quite skillfull at it. I haven’t seen blood from quite sometime now. 🙂

    @Vijaya Bharat : Thanks Bharat. I knew you would like it. 🙂

    @RXK : 😆 You already know all this. And don’t you dare put anything else here. You are right, no one is interested. End of discussion. 😐

  11. @Anand : Really?? Hollywood or Bollywood?

    @Ruhi : Even I try to do that when I see some big nails. 😆 I just can’t stop myself. And then the people start running away as if I am some serial killer. 😆 You know, I want to see Europe more than U.S. When will that happen… *Sigh*
    And I haven’t read Harry Potter yet. But now when I read it later, I already will be having the cast ready at my disposal. 😉

  12. @Rxx I’m very much interested. PLEASE enlighten us 😛

    And Amit, same here…people just run away…not only this…I also like doing some other embarrassing stuff that I won’t mention 😐 I can’t imagine anyone else in the Harry Potter cast except for Daniel, Emma and Rupert.

  13. @ish
    Thanx so much 😆 ur a gr8 help

    Thanx 2 u 2 dear :mrgreen: BTW i completely agree with ur 4th, 5th, and 6th quirk,\…..coz i have all d 3 as well :lol I cant stand d sight of lizards….ANd there have been nights where i have stayed awake d whole night if i c a lizard in d room 😳 I cant even stand them even if they r on tv…… 😆

  14. @Riddhima: You’re welcome.

    @Amit & Ruhi: I should remember to have the shortest possible nails when I meet you guys. Otherwise ek banda mere ek haath ka satyanaas karega and doosra banda doosre haath ka. 😛

    @RXK: We are interested!! Tell Tell!

  15. i dont love them 😆 but i dont hate them either..
    i mean i never think abt them thats y found it strange..
    and abt ur TAG
    i guess its really gettting diffcult to get new interesting things abt me..
    what i will do is ,i have already dont 8 facts abt me ..i will shift the time line so that it comes in front of other post..and i will link u up there..
    😛 .. :mrgreen:

  16. @Ruhi : Yes, i think they all suit the charecters really well. The only problem is that by the time the series will end, they will be full grown adults. I don’t think the charecters grow so fast in the book. I mean, just compare them in the first and the fifth movie. They are totally different.

    @Riddhima : I would never wake up the whole night for a lizard. That will give it too much importance and i don’t think they are used to it. 😐

    @Ish : It depends actually on how attractively long your nails are. But if you cut them, I can still tear off the flesh near the freashly cut nails for you. I love doing that too. 😈

    @Arvind : Okie. I can live with that. 😦

    @RXK : We are still not interested. And you are very very busy. So don’t even think about it. 👿

  17. @ All Readers:
    I am not at all busy and I can see everybody is interested except one… The Great Toenails Eater… Who incidentally is the Admin of this blog… And if I dare to put that point here, he will simply never accept that post… Actually I discussed this with him last night… and he threatened me of doing same…

    Beta tum to galati se saamne mat aa jaana… He is actually a quarantined-viral-infected-banda directly from “28 Days Later”…

  18. @amit
    dont insult lizards yaar 😡 although even i hate them bt u have 2 respect them…. they have more haq on this planet than us 😆 they r there 4m d time of dinosaurs….they r our forefathers ka saathi :mrgreen: so plz show some respect…..my heart cries (there i go crying again!!! 😆 )when some1 insults d original inhabitants of earth :mrgreen:

  19. @Anand : Then tell how is it different. I would really want to know. Tell it in the meme. I hope you are planning to write. 🙂
    @RXK : 👿
    @Riddhima : I guess we are also the original inhabitants. Hum aasmaan se nahi tapke the. 🙂 I’ll read ur tag n comment. 🙂
    @Bharat : Ohhh…you people are after me as if I am some celebrity. There is nothing to tell. Believe me. 😉
    @Aparna : Yup, many people find #3 interesting. Its like watching a movie.



  22. **As far as nail biting is concerned, i find it difficult 2 hold my foot close 2 my mouth for too long!! and cuttin nails like dat cld b scary too!!
    **I thought i was d only person 2 imagine foolishly dat m dancin wid my family n frens on a stage or in a wedding vnever i heard or saw a rockin number!! so, after readin dis, i’ve come 2 know dat i’m nt mad!!
    **I just wanna get a gud placement where i wld earn lots of money 2 go on a world tour!!(i knows its stupid of me 2 think dat way in d 2nd sem itself!!)i wld especially love 2 visit Egypt n Madam Tussaud’s museum!!
    **Excellent wrk………..gr8 readin stuff……rockin!!

  23. @Shruti : 😯 I don’t use my mouth to bite the nails. 😆 I use my hands. And yes its scary to imagine myself so much entangled. 😆 And, yes we all imagine one thing or the other but somehow are reluctant to share it. 🙂
    And…thanks for such nice comments. 🙂

  24. after all iam ur sis.me too do these stupendus things like eating my nails,i also think dat iam the main lead in a song and iam dancing like madhuri,and wearing cool dresses,its really exciting to live in ur dreams like dat.
    so many dreams in m,y eyes while listening music,so many.y real life is not like dat.
    good one.liked it.

  25. haha………i wld like to share something with you then, i too was in the habit of cutting my toenails with my hand and due to which though i have ten toes, i have only nine toenails!!

  26. @Esha : Thanks a lot. And yes you don’t only eat your nails but many other things too..which is very bad actually. 🙂
    @Shruti : 😯 That was something. 🙂

  27. @Poonam : In India, I have visited quite a number of places. Now, I am waiting for a journey to unknown foreign lands. God knows when my wish will come true. 🙂

  28. I didn’t know anybody hated those lizards as much as I did.

    Death to them all! (Thank God for blog anonymity, or else, PETA would have a field day with my dislike of reptiles).

  29. labiamajora : Thanks. 😀 Believe me I cn gather a million people to sign a petition to wipe out all the lizards from the planet. 🙂

  30. if u’d only be with them, lizards are nice, friendly, cute creatures. just like other pets, though we haven’t domesticated them obviously. just observe them, especially baby ones. and they eat insects off your walls, doing you a good turn !


  32. I…. Just loved the way you have written every word on your blog. So straightforward that well should I say it? 😛

    Cutting nails manually wow, i do too, but i dont derive any pleasure ahem! ahem! 😛 lol

    Lizards well hate them absolutely!!! I have had weird dreams about them…

    Watching novels like movies is my fave hobby 😀 😀

    I just don’t know, how can so many things be common, but I believe its alright 😛 😛

    I liked your blog a lot 🙂


  33. Got to your blog from here: La femme Nirvana
    Read two posts so far, the latest one “Same City Different Light” was beautiful. Reminds me of the kind of thought processes that go around in my head when I’m travelling in a car. The 2nd one is this post, and you know what I could really relate to #5, Lizards are high up there on m hate list followed very closely by frogs 😀

    • Hi Shadia and welcome here. 🙂
      Thank you for liking my post, especially this one. This is such an old post but yes, lizards still remain high up in my list. 🙂

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