Dear God


Innocence is at display in the messages written to GOD. After relishing the messages, try to be a child and come up with your own set of messages or questions. Let’s see who is still a child at heart. 🙂

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57 comments on “Dear God

  1. Oh my god! 🙂 So cute! I don’t know which one’s my favorite! I really like the way “Kane” was spelt as “Cain” and the letter “I only asked for a puppy”. Haha..And the stapler one is downright weird. 😀 Where did you get these? Awesome find.

  2. Here’s mine:

    Dear God, have you ever wondered, what’s the reverse of your name??? I have and I really don’t like it. You could have chosen something else.

    Dear God, how can you take all those lies about you being one from these silly people when I know more than 100 hundreds of your types.

    Dear God, I know you are everywhere but still I request a little privacy while doing THAT.

    Dear God, don’t you feel like hungry or taking rest? You always keep on playing this very earthly bloody life & death game.

    Dear God, do you have the same status in Internet World and can I search and see you there? Google can search every bit of internet world and hidden stuff also.

    All by – RXK

  3. Arre bhaiya… ek aur dhayan mein aaya abhi abhi…aur wo bhi hindi mein…ek dum mast…

    Pyare God, jahan itne dimaag distrubute kiye saari duniya mein wahan ek aur sahi… Bhaiya ko kyun chod diya… Ab chalo jaise sab ko kaisi na kaisi ek ladki to dete hi ho waise hi kaisi bhi bhaiya ko dilwa do… nahin to ye movies ya books ya phir iss blog se hi shaadi kar lega…

    By – RXK

  4. Mr. Versatile has done it again! I havent seen blogs with such variety, from fiction to emotional to thriller stories to movie reviews to books to paintings to humour….Keep the good work going!

  5. Cute indeed! Kids can be so innocent, I miss my childhood now. 😦

    Okay, here’s mine –


    People always say that there’s a soul partner for you think it’s true? I don’t think so because I never saw you with one and most of your disciples(as in nuns etc.) don’t have relationships either. Please clarify?


  6. Dear God, I’ve been wondering : “Why i’m not there in my parent’s wedding album ?” 😛

    Dear Santa : “I want Jonny Depp this Christmas!” 😉

  7. @Cameron : Thanks a lot. My fav is the “Giraffe” one. 🙂

    @Ruhi : Thanks Ruhi. I found them in a very old mail, so thought of putting them here. BTW, you haven’t come up with your question. 🙂

    @Bharat : Thankyou sir. Still busy busy??

    @RXK : 😆 Good ones. The first one is the best. And little children don’t certainly do THAT. I am confused. Is is that AHEM!! THAT? OR is it simply THAT?? 😉
    And..I am searching for Geet. Will run away with her as soon as I find her. 🙂

    @Karthik : Thankyou sir. You are so kind. 🙂

    @Sujani : And I am damn sure that I forwarded you that mail. 🙂 Or was it Vinay?

    @Ish : Now God is toh definitely going to get confused. 😆 And best of luck for your exams. 2 days to go!!!!! 🙂

    @Priya : Good Idea. Even I want Geet this “April fool’s day”. 🙂

    Ok, now my bit : Dear God – why does mom say that you should only propose a girl when you are 18. I proposed PXXX yesterday and it was perfectly ok. (*Amit asked this question when he was 8 😉 *)

  8. PXXX..hmm. A four letter word which is a girl’s name and starts with P. Okay, lemme think. 😛

    And thanks for the reminder. 2 days. Shit. 😐

  9. @Vidya : Hmm…unusual choice. 🙂

    @Lokesh : 🙂

    @Ish : Ok…wait…maybe it was PXXXX or PXXXXXXXXX. I don’t remember actually. It was ages ago. 🙂 And do you know what happened after that?? 🙂 please refer to . Oh!!! It was some story. 😆

    @Anand : I even find the “I will show you my new shoes” very cute. 🙂

    @Ruhi : hmmmm…I should have guessed. 🙂 Now the tension is mounting for Ish. 🙂 *Drums rolling. tension mounting.* 🙂

  10. @Amit: PXXXX can be Priya btw. Oh and you were really clever for Class II man. It was a brilliant idea to have blamed the girl in front of your dad. Your dad must also have thought that his son is so popular with girls at that age! Ek teer se do nishaane. Kya baat hai bhai.

    And don’t do the drums rolling please. Mere ko heart attack ho jayega kal raat tak. :S

    @Ruhi: Thanks. About the prep, I replied on Facebook.

  11. @Arvind : Yup. Got them in a mail sometime back. 🙂
    @Ruhi : Ok. Confession. I actually don’t remember her name. That’s why this PXXXX. It might be Priya, Padmawati or Pamela, I don’t remember. And, what the hell…it was ages ago. But yes I remember her face. 😉

  12. @Ruhi: Don’t even talk about Deepxxx. I don’t even wanna see her again.

    @Amit: Ah, you know there’s one song in my mind that will actually fit what you said very well. You said that you can’t remember her name but can remember her face. There’s this song by Green Day called “Whatsername” that has the exact same lyrics.

  13. @Riddhima : Thankyou ji. I knew you would find it “cute”. 🙂
    @Ish : Deepxxx somehow sound so much like Fedex. Bad joke. 😐 Ok, I hope the exam went well? ummm…and I haven’t heard the song. 😦 And you know what that girl did after this episode? She started stalking me as she got impressed by my bravery(I was bashed up in front of the whole class by the teacher). But then I was too clever to fall for her now. My father would not have believed me a second time. 😆

  14. @Ish : There would not have been any point in getting hooked up at that age. I didn’t knew what boys and girls are supposed to do after they say “I love you” to each other. 🙂 I thought they sing songs and run around tres. Damn bollywood movies!!!
    @Solitaire : Dear God, why don’t you grow up and do something? 🙂
    @Riddhima : I will take that as a compliment. 😐

  15. LOL! Okay, now I can understand and I have no arguments against that. Another reason for implementing sex education in school though. So that children can “know” what they are “supposed” to do when they hook up. 😛

  16. @Ridhimma: Arre don’t get angry. I have smsed already to save all your tigers. Happy now? And I too believe that all these messages are really cute. 🙂
    @Ish : Don’t you think that second standard is too early for sex education. If nothing else, the child will end up embarrasing his parents. I remember, I have asked too many questions myself and I cringe when I think about it. 😐 And, yes I had a class on sex education when I was in 11th. 😳

  17. I know this is gonna sound as if I’m Paris Hilton but sex is a natural thing. We need to stop thinking that it is wrong. When a kid comes to know about sex the first time, he gets obsessed because it is made to sound as if it’s something wrong and something he isn’t supposed to know. Hence, the sexual frustration and stuff that Indian men tend to face at times. But yeah, 2nd grade might just be a little too early. But it should not be made to sound like a taboo. That’s what I feel. It’s human tendency to go and do things that you are asked not to do. What do you think?

    We never had a sex education class. I can’t even imagine having one. The girls would be embarrassed I think. There’s this one girl who comes to school everyday for full attendance. Even she would get absent if we were to have a sex education class. The guys, of course, don’t mind. We had a chapter in Moral Science in Class 10 which dealt with Pre-Marital sex and you should have been there when the principal was teaching it. It was hilarious. After the lecture..some guys were like, “Maine to pakka pre-martial sex karna hai”. Nope, that wasn’t a spelling error. They actually think it’s “Pre-MARTIAL” sex. Obviously when the chapter was being taught. They ignored the first two words and concentrated only on the “sex” part of it. 😛

  18. @amit
    oh….thankQ thankQ thankQ so much 4 help save d tiger :mrgreen: i cld smile even wider now…. 😆 m so happt dat i can cry again 😥

    @amit and ish
    jesus christ!!! u guys r experts in diverting a topic….It started with god and has come to sex 😯 shee shee…..hey bhagwan…. 😳 BTW i think sex education in school is necessary…. i had it in d 8th grade…was a lil embarassing bt its okie 😳

  19. @Riddhima: God and sex, it’s all related ain’t it? We’ve got temples which have huge sculptures of God’s in sexual poses etc. That’s my standard argument when someone says that God is against sex. 😛

  20. @ish
    wah wah m impressed 😆 good argument… i dont think those r god ka statues…more of tab k zamaane k log in those weird poses :mrgreen:

  21. @Ish : “Pre-MARTIAL” sex?? 😆 We had seperate classes for boys and girls. The girls were blushing scarlet when they met us afterwords. 🙂 And the guy who took the class told so mny things which I can’t write here…but they were damn funny at that time. 🙂
    @Riddhima : No we are not diverting anything. But sex is a natural part of life and that’s the way we should look at it. God gave us that. We didn’t invented it. Now I am sounding like “The Guru”. 🙂

  22. @Riddhima: Nope, some of them were actually Gods. I’ve researched them. Actually, I had to do this project on Indian temples in my 10th grade for History. So I realised that there are many temples which are even dedicated to sex and stuff. A major part of them. Too bad I couldn’t mention those in my project because the teachers would have gotten offended.

    @Amit: Haha, I loved The Guru! And I liked what you said. Pretty much what I believe in.

  23. @amit
    yes yes Guruji…u must b very happy dat god gave us dat :mrgreen:

    so i guess i like visiting temples na?????? 😆 and u must have enjoyed doing ur project :mrgreen:

  24. oh my god.. |!!! how did i miss this .Damn!! i hate being busy..
    good discussion..
    EVen my school had sx education but it was for particular students… i wasn’t allowed 😆
    they thought i already more knowledge considering my age at that time. .:mrgreen:

    @ISh and amith
    cant agree with you guys …
    its high time that we stop considering sex as an alean word … we are the inventors of kamasutra ,yet we have a society that eludes and loaths the three letter word. ..
    queer and funny 😛

  25. @Arvind: Why are you disagreeing with us? We’re all for the acceptance of sex aren’t we? That’s exactly what I’m trying to say, it shouldn’t be considered as taboo. I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

    @Riddhima: Don’t even remind me about that project, it was super boring.

  26. @Riddhima : Aren’t you happy. That sounds quite strange. 😆
    @Ish : Thankyou sir. Atleast someone in this damn world thinks like me. I am very happy.
    @Arvind : You seem quite confused. 😆 Are you still working? And on what parameters were you not allowed in the class? 😆

  27. @Amit: Don’t worry Sir, there are many more people who think this way. The times are changing for the better.

    @Arvind: Ohhhh. A word can make so much of a difference lol.

  28. @Arvind : Ok. Got it. But didn’t you questioned them??? Why the hell are you not letting me in…..something like that…

    @Ish : Believe me its not. When I look around, only the population in the metros are getting open to such ideas but if you go deep down in India, the situation is pretty much the same. Its sad really. 😐

  29. @amit’
    Yes guruji m happy…. 😳 not happy as in HAPPY but satisfied 😳 Hai hai ab mujhe sharam aa rahi hai 😳 m going :mrgreen:

    project itne interesting topic par tha n u found it boring??????? :mrgreen: nw m having serious doubts 😆

  30. now i feel i should have…that time i was happy that i was spared unnecessary embarrassment 😆
    @ ridhimma
    tum sharmati bhi ho 😆
    u are giving shcok to me :mrgreen:

  31. @Riddhima : Arree ismain sharmane wali kya baat hai. Mallika didi se kuch seekho. wo sharmati hain???

    @Arvind : Nooo…i won’t forward this mail. 👿 You have to come to my blog everytime to see it. 😛

  32. @arvind and amit
    Who told u guys mujhe sharam nahi aati???? 👿 I m also a normal bhartiya naari 😆 Haan jyada sharam nahi aati…par kabhi kabhi aati hai re…. :mrgreen: N mallika is not my didi…i hate her…maybe she’s ur didi 😆

  33. heres ur 50th comment 😛
    @ amit
    chal koi bath nahi..i will copy paste into my mail box 😛

    @ ridhimma
    kab aati hai 😆
    watching brett lee bowl :p

  34. @Riddhima : Are you crazy?? You have such wierd thoughts. And why do you hate Mallika??
    @Arvind: Why do you want it in a mail? just send my post link to anyone who wants to read this. 😉

  35. @arvind
    Haan actually tab aati hai bahut sharam 😳

    i dont know y bt i dont like her 😡 something abt her is very…….”not appealing” types 😳

  36. yar bache kitne funny hote hai.really maza aagya.all were funny.specially first three,5th one is mindblowing,puppy & church wala & raphel one.all were cool.

  37. You ever notice how God’s powers are getting weaker? I mean, at the beginning he could make the entire world in 7 days. Now his biggest trick is appearing on a toasted cheese sandwich.

  38. @Esha : Good that you liked them. 🙂

    @Steve : 😆 I think he is quite bored with the earthlings. He has lost interest. 🙂

    @Zipzip : The wish dosen’t sound very childish. 🙂

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